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Focus on PVC Edge Band Production Line from ColorMatching, Mixing, Extruding, Design Printing and Rewinding
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Company profiles

Our factory specializes in the production of edge banding machine, plastic extruder, granulator series of products. Our factory is located in wuxi city, which is the hometown of fishing rice with beautiful mountains and waters and pleasant scenery. It is 120 kilometers to the east by Shanghai, 10 kilometers to the south by wuxi shuo fang airport, 160 kilometers to the north by nanjing, and the transportation is very convenient by land, sea and air. Our factory has been engaged in extruder professional production since the early 1990s and has occupied a considerable market at home and abroad. We have experienced technical team, advanced design means to improve the quality of our products.

"Reputation first, customer first" is our permanent commitment, we think more important than sales is perfect service. Our policy: actively grasp the market, consolidate the old customers, develop new customers, fully serve customers, and strive for the synchronous growth of factory benefits and social values.
We sincerely thank you for your trust and love of "lanling" brand. We believe that you will enjoy the same high-quality after-sales service while receiving our high-quality products.

With the enterprise philosophy of "exploring the industry to high technology and creating a brilliant future in the field" in the new century, we, together with all the staff, create a bright future for "lanling".

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