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Rewinding machine
Rewinding machine

Performance structure and characteristics of the equipment:

1. The equipment can be used to cut various kinds of non-woven, felt, cloth, leather, needle-punched cloth, plastic film, kraft paper and other products.

2. Working principle of the equipment: automatic feeding → synchronous transmission → automatic cutting → automatic slicing → counting stop.

3. The equipment is equipped with pneumatic automatic feeding device, with the maximum load of about 500KG, which is convenient to operate.

4. The equipment is equipped with a wide belt synchronous conveying device and two sets of gear stepless variable speed adjustment lifting device to ensure the fine size of finished products.

And equipped with a set of forward anti-missile cloth conversion device.

5. The equipment is equipped with spiral perforating device, and the gearbox stepless transmission is from 10CM to 60CM, without changing the gear, the wire spacing is automatically adjusted.

PLC programming and servo joint control can also be added, so that the punching pitch can be infinitely adjustable.

6. The equipment is equipped with a round knife for cutting, with convenient size adjustment, light and smooth, neat cutting, and smooth end without burr.

7. The equipment is equipped with air inflation shaft for winding, which is neat and does not run out. This machine can produce cored or coreless rewinding products.

8. The equipment is equipped with the function of winding air inflation shaft to make the products more beautiful.

9. The equipment is equipped with infrared automatic counting device and automatic stop function, which can install counting to counting stop, accurate counting.

10. The traction and cutting device of the equipment are equipped with a flattening stick device, which is convenient to wear materials and more humane to operate.

The knife shaft of the whole machine and the parts which can easily affect the health of the product are all made of tempering and tempering materials. It never rusts.

11. The equipment adopts imported frequency conversion control for speed regulation, electrical wiring is reasonable, beautiful, generous and easy to operate.

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