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PVC single screw side strip sealing unit
PVC single screw side strip sealing unit

◆ Performance and usages

Mainly used for board furniture, office furniture, cabinets and other industries. With real texture, anti - uv, environmental protection and other characteristics.

◆ Production process

Granulation: batching + color matching + stirring ~ > extrusion granulation + packaging extrusion: heating and pressurizing + extrusion molding - + winding + packaging

Printing: select * put > trial printing ◆ printing -● glazing ◆ winding + packaging

◆ Technical parameters

Model SJ50/25 SJ55/25 SJ65/25 SJ75/25
Screw Diameter(mm) φ50 φ55 φ65 φ75
Screw Ratio(L/D) 25∶1 25∶1 25∶1 25∶1
Screw Speed(r/min) 20-60r/min 20-60r/min 20-60r/min 20-60r/min
Main motor power(kw) 11kw 15kw 18.5kw 22kw
Production(kg/h) 10-35kg/h 20-50kg/h 30-80kg/h 60-110kg/h


One Out Two/One Out Four Cone Double Unit for PVC Edge Sealing

◆ Technical parameters

Model SJSZ-45 SJSZ-51 SJSZ-55
Screw diameter φ45/100mm φ51/105mm φ55/110mm
Screw speed 5-32r/min 5-32r/min 5-32r/min
Screw steering 異型向外 Contrary outward 異型向外 Contrary outward 異型向外 Contrary outward
Main motor power 15kw 18.5kw 22kw
Barrel heating power 15kw 15kw 18kw
Total power 32kw 35kw 42kw
Yield 50-75kg/h 60-100kg/h 80-140kg/h
Machine Center Height 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
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