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SHR series high speed mixer
SHR series high speed mixer

◆ Performance and usages

Used for mixing, stirring, drying and coloring of various materials in plastics, rubber and daily chemical industry. Spindle seal obtained national patent.

The lid is double sealed with self-friction and electric heating. Unloading mode adopts automatic temperature control and manual control. The blade is cast as a whole stainless steel, and refined by static and static balance test.


◆ Technical parameters

Model Total volume Effective volume motor power Spindle speed Discharging way
SHR-100A 100L 75L 14/22kw 650/1300rpm Pneumatic
SHR-100A 200L 150L 30/42kw 475/950rpm Pneumatic
SHR-300A 300L 225L 40/55kw 475/950rpm Pneumatic
SHR-500A 500L 375L 47/67kw 430/860rpm Pneumatic
SHR-200/500A 200/500L 150/320L 30/42/11kw 480/960/110rpm Pneumatic
SHR-300/600A 300/600L 225/380L 40/55/11kw 480/960/100rpm Pneumatic
SHR-500/1000A 500/1000L 380/650L 47/67/15kw 410/830/70rpm Pneumatic
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