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SJ series single screw extruder
SJ series single screw extruder

◆ Performance and usages

This machine is mainly used for extrusion of thermoplastic plastics such as soft and hard polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polypropylene, with corresponding auxiliary machines (including molding head), which can process a variety of plastic products, such as mo, tube, rod, plate, wire, cable insulation layer and hollow products, and also for granulation.

Advanced design, high output, good plasticization, low energy consumption, ZLYJ series of extruder hard gear reducer drive, with low noise, smooth operation, large bearing capacity, long life and other characteristics.


◆ Technical parameters

Model Screw
Screw Ratio Screw Speed Plasticizing
SJ-30/25 φ30 25∶1 50r/min ≥15kg/h 4kw 1000mm
SJ-30/28 φ30 28∶1 50r/min ≥25kg/h 5.5kw 1000mm
SJ-30/30 φ30 30∶1 50r/min ≥25kg/h 7.5kw 1000mm
SJ-45/25 φ45 25∶1 50r/min ≥30kg/h 7.5kw 1000mm
SJ-45/28 φ45 28∶1 50r/min ≥35kg/h 11kw 1000mm
SJ-45/30 φ45 30∶1 50r/min ≥35kg/h 15kw 1000mm
SJ-65/25 φ65 25∶1 50r/min ≥80kg/h 18.5kw 1000mm
SJ-65/28 φ65 28∶1 50r/min ≥80kg/h 22kw 1000mm
SJ-65/30 φ65 30∶1 50r/min ≥80kg/h 30kw 1000mm
SJ-90/25 φ90 25∶1 50r/min ≥140kg/h 30kw 1000mm
SJ-90/30 φ90 28∶1 50r/min ≥140kg/h 55kw 1000mm
SJ-120/25 φ120 25∶1 40r/min ≥200kg/h 75kw 1000mm
SJ-150/25 φ150 25∶1 40r/min ≥300kg/h 110kw 1000mm
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